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Our Rums

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Though our products are technically classified as rum, they offer a broad range of taste profiles.  Some might say their flavors more closely resemble other familiar spirits.

Our Island Bay Rum, for example, is a clear liquor with great mixability, similar to a premium vodka. It can be enjoyed with any cocktail you would normally mix with vodka.

If you prefer fine whiskey, you will love our White Sand Rum.  Heavy oak exposure delivers aromas of molasses and brown sugar, which touch off sweet caramel notes in this rich rum. It has great sip-ability!

Finally, our pale-colored Caribbean Mist rum lands somewhere in between the other two, with a medium oak exposure. It has just a hint of the charred oak flavors and aroma, and still goes great with your tropical cocktails calling for a fine rum. You can learn more about our flavors here.


Island Bay Rum

Island Bay Rum Paradise Distillery Dubuque

With a light sugar cane scent and a hint of anise, this classy spirit has excellent mixability!  Think premium vodka with the character of a fine white rum. Island Bay begs to be enjoyed in a cocktail! 

Caribbean Mist Rum

Caribbean Mist Rum Paradise Dubuque

Banana Peel and tropical notes can be found in this pale amber-colored rum, along with hints of vanilla and a light peppery zest.

White Sand Rum

White Sand Rum Paradise Distillery

Wonderful aromas of molasses and brown sugar with sweet caramel notes can be found in this rich rum, along with hints of raisins and cinnamon on the long finish.


Always Sip Responsibly into Paradise